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Committee Volunteering

It takes a lot of hands to build a home!!

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Volunteers Needed

Habitat for Humanity is a journey to improved housing. Clinton County has communities with unsatisfactory housing. We are devoted to working towards a community with adequate housing.

    Habitat needs leaders to:

  • Govern and plan
  • Initiate land acquisition
  • Call for community support
  • Build alliances

    Also to:

  • Select and support families
  • Recruit and train volunteers
  • Recruit and support families
  • Manage construction
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If our mission appeals to you, and you would like to volunteer at our 2016 build, contact us at (563)242-4494. Two forms (links below) will need to be downloaded, filled out, and mailed to PO Box 2282, Clinton, IA 52733-2282 or e-mailed to Volunteers will receive updates during construction via e-mail concerning progress and needed assistance.

FORM #1--Volunteer Form
FORM #2--Release and Waiver Form

Can You Serve on One of our Committees?
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Family Selection

Our responsibilities are to inform the families of Clinton County of homeowner possibilities through HFH. The Committee coordinates family orientation meetings and accepts and reviews applications. Our committee makes recommendations for partnership to the Board of Directors based on three criteria.
First -- Need for adequate shelter
Second -- Ability to make monthy mortgage payments to Habitat.
Third -- Willingness to partner with our local Habitat volunteers.

Church Relations

As a Christian based organization we call upon our brothers and sisters in Christ to help bring the mission of Habitat for Humanity to the community. The Church Relations Committee works with area churches to secure volunteers for the build site and coordinate volunteers for various duties during the time of the build, such as providing meals on build site work days and notifications to churches in the Clinton County area of upcoming activities.

Public Relations and Marketing

The Public Relations and Marketing Committee helps to promote awareness of the organization. It assists in the recruitment of volunteers and announces events through the use of traditional media such as newspaper and radio as well as digital media such as Facebook and our website. The committee helps in the development of collateral marketing materials which support each committee and their needs.

Events Committee

This Events Committee is responsible for creating on-going events that help drive fundraising and public awareness. In addition, this committee represents Habitat at community events with the goal of promoting community awareness about the mission of Habitat as well as providing information about serving as a volunteer. Also, the committee hosts an annual recognition event to thank all volunteers and donors who have contributed throughout the year. Volunteers on this committee are separate from the volunteers who work at the build site.

Fund Raising Committee

Volunteers on the Fund Raising Committee are primarily responsible for fundraising through grant writing and direct appeal. They seek corporate sponsorships for both direct and in-kind donations.

Volunteer Relations Committee**

The Volunteer Committee is responsible for educating new volunteers on the various aspects of participating in the build process. This committee helps in the recruitment of volunteers and makes certain that each volunteer participates in an orientation event and signs an agreement document required by Habitat International before participating in the build program.

Site Selection**

This committee identifies potential sites, evaluates the site availability and suitability for meeting the basic house plan along with maintaining the acquired site and securing it. Volunteers are needed who have a knowledge of real estate.

** We are especially interested in finding leaders for these two committees!!

Construction Committee

This Construction Committee is responsible for the selection of a site that is appropriate for the needs of the selected partner family. The committee arranges for contractors to provided services at various times during the course of the build. Committee members purchase materials and supplies, obtain necessary permits, and arrange required inspections. The committee ensures that each home is built according to the high quality requirements of Habitat International.

Family Support Committee

This committee has the responsibility for developing a plan of family support including "family sweat equity" requirements, homeowner education and other challenges of home ownership. The family support committee is seen as a liaison between Habitat for Humanity and each homeowner family from the time of its selection until one year after the family has occupied their new home.

Habitat for Humanity of Clinton County is looking for leaders who will develop creative ways to accomplish our mission in response to God's gracious love and grace.

You Nailed It!!!


Don Hansen


Clinton County Habitat for Humanity, Inc.

P.O. Box 2282, Clinton Iowa 52733-2282

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