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The Dream of Home Ownership can come TRUE!!
Welcome Our New Partner Family

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Are you looking for a new home?

Habitat for Humanity welcomes all applicants. We are a Christian Housing Ministry; however, applicants need not be affiliated with any faith or denomination. Our purpose is to build homes with families and sell the houses at no profit and no interest to families who could not otherwise afford a home.

Basic Guidelines for Home-ownership by Being a Partner Family

Current Income
The percentage of your monthly income that you currently spend on housing is considered to determine need.
Live in Clinton County
You must currently live in Clinton County. You and your family will be considered if your total income is not over 50% of the current county median family income.
Ability to Pay
You will be buying your home from Habitat for Humanity and must be able to demonstrate your ability to pay the monthly house payment. This payment will include the mortgage payment, real estate taxes, and insurance. Because we do not charge interest, your monthly payment will be less than with a conventional loan.
Present Housing
You will be considered for a Habitat home if your present housing is not adequate and if you are unable to obtain adequate housing through other conventional means. Lack of adequate housing may include problems with the present structure such as the water, electrical or sewage service systems; heating system; or failure to meet city property maintenance standards. Also taken into consideration are the numbers, the ages and the sex of children compared to the number of bedrooms in your present home.
Partner Family
When selected, you become a “partner family” in the Habitat movement. To be a “partner family,” you must complete 300 hours of volunteer work with Habitat, which will count toward your total “sweat equity” contribution to be completed before becoming a homeowner. These hours may be earned by assisting in constructing your home and the homes of others, providing food for volunteers, or volunteering at your school or church. Family and friends may contribute up to 120 hours of your sweat equity. You will be responsible for maintenance and repairs of your house from the time you move into your home. After moving into your home, the Family Support Committee will maintain an ongoing relationship with you; this includes financial counseling and household maintenance education.

How Do I Apply?


Has Home Ownership Always Seemed Like An Impossible Dream?

Would you like an application? CLICK ON THIS LINK. Fill out an application send it to P.O. Box 2282, Clinton Iowa 52733-2282.

    You must attend a meeting of persons interested in becoming a partner family. Watch for an anouncement of where and when the next meeting will be held. By filling out an application, you will be contacted by us.

Clinton County Habitat for Humanity, Inc.

P.O. Box 2282, Clinton Iowa 52733-2282

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